What is a Feminist Fangirl?

I am a Feminist Fangirl. So are the countless women and girls who love geeky things, and refuse to compromise their values as they indulge in the fandoms that they love. The Feminist Fangirl is a celebration of feminism, girl geeks, and a resource for women who are interested in how popular geeky narratives stack up from a feminist prescriptive.

What Is the Structure of The Feminist Fangirl?

The Feminist Fangirl is built on four recurring formats:

1. Analyses/Reviews: Reviews of books/movies/television from a feminist perspective. (Also included, unabashed gushing over stuff I love, tendency to ignore the mantra.)

2. Gender and the Bechdel Test: A review in which I specifically  explore whether or not a narrative passes the Bechdel Test for women, as well as the overall state of gender equality within the respective fictional world.

3. The Random Fandom: Overviews of my favorite fandoms from a more general, less women specific perspective.  

4. Miscellaneous Updates on Feminist Geek Girl Fun/ Raging Against Patriarchy