Monday, February 27, 2012

Leia is Feeling Murdery

Specifically, she may just have to force choke an evil, misogynistic slug/game designer. Because she's a Jedi now, and she doesn't even need a chain. 

Not that she minds. Chain is handy and effective!

Why is our favorite Rebel Princess so pissed? Because someone is once again contributing to the Star Wars fandom's gross, sexist tendency to turn her character's moment of non-consensual objectification/imprisonment into a fetish. Except, now it's an awkward, peppy, happy, and poorly animated fetish. With choreography. Star Wars fans with any sense of right and wrong, prepare to be disgusted.

That is "Slave Leia" (eww)/Dance Central in Star Wars Kinect. This must stop. Seriously, I know fanboys are not exactly thrilled about this particular game either, but they still don't seem to see the problem with romanticizing Princess Naked. Look, I get it. She has a good body. And I know that whoever put that moment into Return of the Jedi, whether it was Lucas or Kasdan or the f*cking spot boy, they certainly had, "Yeah, boobies!" somewhere on their minds. While I'm sure my mega love of Star Wars is clouding my feminist vision, I do maintain that the moment was handled well in the film, and it's effective for the sake of the atmosphere/events in Jabba's palace. But bogdammit I cannot stand how nostalgically the Star Wars fandom pornifies the costume. 

It's fine to think Leia is hot, because she is. But do we need to plaster her naked, everywhere, to prove the point? Maybe, as a girl, I just wasn't socialized to only respond to a naked version of the opposite sex. Because I don't need some sort of gold speedo get-up to tell me Han Solo is gorgeous. Seriously, fully clothed is all I need. It's not that I don't appreciate the positive effect of minimal clothing on attractive men, it's just that I prefer for the context to be less, well, rape-y.

Whew. So, now that I'm done railing against sexualization, yeah, Kinect Star Wars sucks. I'm mad at it. We're in a fight now. 

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