Monday, March 19, 2012

Movie Trailer Joy Part 2

I know, I know. I just shared a trailer with y’all yesterday. And trailer freak-outs aren't usually my thing. HOWEVER, the trailer for the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman is just too amazing! You have to watch this. I have no real investment in fairy tale adaptations,[1]  but the direction in which this film is taking the story looks awesome. To make Snow White’s threat to the queen be based on her being destined to kill said queen, as opposed to her looks, is a fantastic move. And the visuals!!! I could even move past my Twilight related resentment of K Stewart for this. My one problem: the title. It’s another example of clumsily adding a male presence in order to avoid frightening off male audiences.  From completely gender neutralizing titles (i.e. Rapunzel becomes Tangled, The Snow Queen becomes Frozen) or just removing any trace of femininity, in the case of John Carter, this title thing is becoming an unfortunate trend. Is this just the price we have to pay for more female-centric narratives? I hope not. The film industry establishment is consistently certain that while women will watch stories about men and women, men will only engage with stories about men. Hence these shifty, embarrassed titles. I am pretty certain the male movie-going population is not so stupid and narrow minded. But marketing execs have never been known to look for the best in people. Sigh.

[1] I love fairy tales, but most non-Disney adaptations veer towards crap. 

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